We walk the walk.

Our personal commitment to sustainability is why we started Rogue Element in the first place. We wanted to run a firm with as low a footprint as possible, help our clients with their green initiatives, and feel great about the work we were doing.

We have taken our commitment the extra mile in two ways: one is our annual Green Grant, where we give away a year’s worth of strategy, branding and green design to a sustainable organization that could not otherwise afford it. The other was by creating Squishy Press, our beautifully designed and photographed books and toys for babies and toddlers that are also ecofriendly and made in the USA. They are sold in retailers nationwide.

Some other ways in which our operations and offices are green:

  • Our office is two blocks from a major bus line and CTA brown line stop, and 7 blocks from a Metra stop.
  • Our building is equipped with bike racks, and the owners walk to work.
  • Our website is hosted by Canvas Dreams, a leader in sustainable web hosting.
  • Our electric is supplied by Blue Star Energy.
  • We recycle everything possible.
  • We use energy-efficient lighting.
  • We contribute to our retirement funds with Domini Funds.
  • We work with our print vendors to minimize paper waste, use better paper choices and use safer inks.
  • We print as little as possible, saving on paper, toner, and energy costs.

Want to learn more about running a greener office? The Renourish website is a terrific resource.