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Squishy Press



Create a brand identity for a baby book publisher whose books are hip, colorful, non-toxic and sustainably-made. It had to appeal to children, but also to parents with an appreciation of high-end design. The project required intensive market research for both the book industry plus sustainable printing techniques, as well as brand positioning, creative development, and management of several components in conjunction with the brand launch.


We built a brand personality around a bright, fresh color palette and beautifully-lit photography coupled with simple, whimsical illustrations and typography. The look is coupled with a simple, quirky logo that embodies the playful and inquisitive spirit of the Squishy Press brand. The logo is both fun enough for kids but sophisticated enough for their parents. We worked closely with all paper, ink, and printing vendors to keep the process as sustainable as possible, and the books were lab tested to make sure they were as non-toxic as claimed. The words in the “Opposites” book were printed in English, French and Spanish to cover several markets.


Since the initial unveiling at the Chicago Green Festival in May 2010, Squishy Press books are now carried in boutiques across the U.S, and the books have received rave reviews in the press, with an expanding fan base of brand ambassadors. The response has been so positive that retailers have requested an expansion of the books and toy line, which is under development.

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Squishy Press
Squishy Press
Squishy Press
Squishy Press